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In this level, you will learn to understand and use basic simple sentences that can be used in day to day communication. This is the first step for a beginner wherein you will be able to introduce yourself as well as others. You will comfortably be able to communicate with people about certain basics for example: what they do, where they stay, what are their hobbies, etc. and respond to questions of similar nature.



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This level will help you to understand sentences and commonly used expressions especially about those topics which are directly related to your circumstances, for example personal information or any information about your family, shopping, book, any immediate surroundings. You will find it extremely easy to ensure that the people understand simple routine situations which they are also dealing with which are familiar and information related to common topics. You will be able to describe your background and education and all other things associated with immediate needs in a simple and lucid manner.



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This is the higher-level, wherein, one is able to exercise independent use of the language. When the conversation is about familiar topics associated with work, school and leisure time or while traveling in that particular language region, then dealing with it becomes easy. You can express yourself in simple and coherent language regarding topics of personal and common interest. After visiting a particular region, you will be able to report on experiences and events like dreams, hopes and goals as well as make short statements to explain your views and plans and also justify them fully.

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